Vision & Mission


The three year Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Commerce Program enhances job prospects for the students, also empowers performance of the learner and creates better career opportunities.The aim of this college is to be a main provider of up-to-date computer education to the Girls. Our distinctive approach is to translate learning into better performance of the students.

  • To provide best conceptual knowledge and practical application Skills.
  • To provided teaching in such a way that student’s interest is developed in the subject to make them more Curious to achieve something more.
  • The learning methodology includes lectures, self study, tutorial works, practical works, real life project work etc.
  • To develop the student’s communication skill and personality, extra co-curricular activities like spoken English classes, debate and seminar are held.
  • To provide stand-on-feet-education.
  • To try to furnish profound knowledge of information technology so that they can select their area of interest and on that specific area they can contribute themselves to higher research level stuffy.