Messages from President

pravinbhaiThe female education is highly necessary for the society.Because mothers are the first teachers of the children.They are the first teachers of the future citizens of the country. If the mothers be ignorant, they cannot take proper care of the children.They cannot infuse good qualities in them.Hence, the very foundation of our people will remain weak.If the females will be ignorant the society will lose the services of a powerful part of our society.So,female education is quite necessary for the girls.

A major industry of Morbi is clock manufacturing. Orpat Quartz, Ajanta Clocks and Sonam Clocks are the world's largest clock manufacturers and lead the clock manufacturing industry. The majority of these companies' workforce are females from neighboring villages and for skilled labor they have to look outside region. So girls with B.Sc. program having better opportunity to develop their career in ceramic or clock industry because in every industry Science plays a vital role now a days.

President, Shri. Pravinbhai Bhalodiya