1. How do I apply to SORBMSCT and its course?
Admission to B.Sc. is done as per rules and regulation of Saurashtra University and Government of Gujarat for more details click here.

2. What is the admission process?
For more details on admission process click here.

3. How many courses are offered by SORBMSCT?
SORBMSCT College offers course in field B.Sc. & B.Com(GUJ./ENG. Medium)

4. Are the course offered by SORBMSCT College approved by AICTE / UGC?
Course B.Sc. & B.Com. offered by SORBMSCT College is Affiliated with Saurashtra University.

5. What is the fee structure?
The current fee structure is -  B.Sc. - Rs. 25000/- per year.

The current fee structure is -  B.Com.(GUJ) - Rs. 7000/- & B.Com.(ENG) - Rs. 10000 per year.

6. What is the status of SORBMSCT? How is it different?
SORBMSCT College Affiliated with Saurashtra University. Its only for girl's student.

7. Will I get my Degree under SORBMSCT?
Yes. The batch B.Sc. & B.Com. enrolling from academic calendar 2017-18 will get the B.Sc. & B.Com. degree under SORBMSCT.

8. Where is the campus situated?
The campus is situated in Tankara City in Morbi District, Gujarat State for more details click here.

9. What are the facilities at campus?
The campus has girls hostel, mess, canteen, sports ground and many other facilities for more details click here.

10. How do I reach to campus? GSRTC buses are available from various area to Tankara for more details click here.

11. How are the security arrangements for students residing on campus?
Tight security arrangements are done on the campus. The hostels are exclusively managed by the SORBMSCT College. 24x7 security guards are there on campus.

12. Is there a primary medical facility on- college campus?
Yes. Also, emergency transport with dedicated driver is available on campus 24X7.

13. Are parents / guardians allowed to visit and stay on campus?
The parents / guardian are allowed to visit campus on Sundays. On campus stay for parents / guardians is not permitted.

14. What are the college timings?
The college timings are 07:45 AM to 12:00 PM. The students may require to stay back for projects, seminars, extended class, practical etc.

15. Does the SORBMSCT College offer any scholarships?
Yes. Merit cum need based scholarships are available. Contact for more details click here.